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Right Timing-Does it Really Matter in Life

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Right Timing - Does it Really Matter in Life???

Do you have a Dream?

Mr. Intikhab Chougle,
Associate Vice-President,
HSBC India

Whenever all of us have time in hand, the most natural thing that we do is sit back and think about how we have spend our life and what could have been done better or at least in a different possible way. In that moment of flashback there are many memories that come to our mind, good, bad and ugly. Mostly, experience’s of past which have helped you grow and most importantly comes to our mind the people who are associated with those memories and experiences of life.


The people, who have managed to make a place in our memories have been very important to our life and have surely contributed towards our growth as an individual in someway or other. Atleast while talking about myself, I can say that the wonderful people who came into my life have surely taught me the importance of life, success, happiness and above all the importance of right timings for doing things in life.


After assessing situations, I do feel strongly that outputs of the situations have always been results of the decisions that were taken. Every decision taken had a risk factor involved with it, there were possibilities of things working fine or going haywire along the way. But it was sheer conviction of doing things at a particular stage or at that timing with a calculated risk is what has actually paid off with time.

I have learnt a lesson very strongly from my experience of people and situation that if you want to do something and if you are convinced about doing it then you should simply calculate your risk and do it. Not doing something because there is a right time for everything will take away the moment where you were convinced about doing that something at that stage of life. I believe the right time to do a thing is always now, as we make our life with the decisions we take.

Likewise, it is important that the decisions taken for your investments have to be well assessed. Today we have so many instruments to invest i.e. mutual funds, real estate, shares, gold and many other such options. While selecting the mode of investment for your future security you might have to remember few basics like the market factors impacting the chosen instrument of investment, your appetite for risk taking and your expectation from your investments. All these factors should be given a detailed thought and the risk being calculated with your past experiences of things.

One recent example that comes to my mind which I would like to share with the readers is about this company which existed in the market for almost 10 years and had investors from middle class & lower middle class walks of life. The scheme was lucrative and offered an investor an earning opportunity of around 6% a month for 48 to 60 months. If you roughly calculate then the amount you would invest would actually come back to you within first 16 months and then for the rest of the months what you are earning is a bonus return for you. So in a way, if you invested One Lac of Rupees and you completed tenure of 48 months you would have made thrice the amount of your investment. But the reality is today the company is in a non-existing mode and thousand's of investors across India are stranded with their money lost.

The idea of sharing this example is purely from the point of view that we as individuals should be very particular about the way we are investing our hard earned money. The reality remains that all that glitters is surely not gold and hence one should not get carried away by the returns promised by the schemes marketed by few promoter company. The best way to invest your hard earned money can be mutual funds or shares from blue chip companies. Also there could be many secured way of parking your money for future benefits and they are gold, real estate and few other options.

One should always analyse what mode of investment suits him/her and assess the risk associated. There is a tendency where most of us try to follow what others might be doing in terms of investment. It should always be noted that there will not be many who will have the same aspiration and goals for their life. Likewise, it is important that we assess the options that suit us the most, are safe and will give us the anticipated returns over a period of time.

At the cost of repetition I would like to like to re-iterate that the right time to do things that you believe in is always NOW as the outcome of the situation or result of the action taken is always aligned to the decision that you take in life.

For a successful future planning, while earning one can simply try to follow the formula which says,

"Do not Save what is left after spending but Spend what is left after Savings"


Mr. Intikhab Chougle, is Associate Vice President with HSBC Group in India and has been a retail banker for past 11 years. He has completed his Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University and is currently pursuing his MBA with major in 'Banking & Finance'. With a total working experience of close to 15 years in Mumbai, he has been an active member in social service in Mumbai for promoting causes like 'education for girl child' and promoting medical assistance for old and deserving people. He has also traveled to Malaysia, Paris, a part of UAE market for professional reasons and has acquired vast market knowledge about investments and business approaches adopted in different markets.

He believes, it is very important that we must return back to the community what we have earned and learned from the society and hence is willing to extend his support to the people who would want to seek his expertise in setting and achieving their financial goals.

He can be reached on his email id This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Comments (7)
7Sunday, 06 March 2011 17:21
Mustafa Bukhari
Very good articles, Mr. Chougle had really put lot of time to research and put the right article in place. Thanks for your contribution
Response to Kalim Kazi Sahab
6Monday, 14 February 2011 10:57
Intikhab Chougle
Kalim Sahab,

Thank you for your kind words and your views which are very close to reality. I sincerely agree with you on many points highlighted like on investment instruments like mutual funds and gold. Your views about real estate surely draw a lot of support from my end and I am fully i agreement when you say 'none of the investment instrumets can give you such an big return on your investment what would a Real Estate Investment may give by the end of the project'.

I would once again lie to re-iterate my point that your returns are always synchronised with the risk that you have taken, so higher the risk higher might be the returns you may earn.

To answer your question, I would like to be honest and straight forward while answering the same. Your Investment in Real Estate should be mainly driven by facors like the developer, the location, the project benifits offered and then there are hindrance which the project might hit during the ongoing progress towards completion. These hindrances can be of administrative nature (comencement certificate, IOC, approvals etc) OR other kinds (labour issue, supply of sand / cement etc or even the fluctuation in the pricing of the raw material required).

So while calculating the real time risk factor these points should be included. They might not have a direct impact from a individual investors point in terms of your financial calculation but however the time to deliver the end product can surely be impacted resulting into Financial impact in someway or the other.

To answer your second Question, all investments done by us see a cyclic effect in terms of the rise and fall in demand but however yor calculations should be kept at very basic and that is at what rate you have purchased and what is the valuation at the time of sale. You will realise at any pont in time your propety related investment would give the highest cumulative returns when compared to any other instrument of investent. Also do not forget if the investment done in real estate is not for your use then the rental income earned only adds up to the end returns.

I would also like to add something over here, which I feel should be shared with readers. Today for real estate we follow a mentality which is more of herd mentality, If you ask a person why did he bought a flat in Vashi and other areas around. The most immediate answer you will hear is because so and so bought it and he said it is a good deal, so i went ahead with it. Also there is an 'International Airport' coming up, this is the answer you will get from 95% of the buyers. But has somebody thought, the airport that we are talking about has been on plans for last 5/6 years, there is no blue prints / plans prepared of the same, the approvals are yet coming and all these activities will go on for atleast another year or 2. Actual airport will be constructed in another 5/7 years as per the study released in some newspaper.

But this is interesting, the conclusion is that we are sheling out appoximately 30/40% more for a real estate investment then the actual pricing for a benefit which might take another 5/6years to acually materialise.

Think of the information that I have shared in the paragraph above, I would like to end this response with inviting views to the above fom you and other readers.

Jazzak ALLAH Khair,

Intikhab Chougle
Thank You
5Monday, 14 February 2011 10:16
Intikhab Chougle
Dear Mr.Wagle / Kazi / Prasad Sahab,

Also All the readers.

Thank you very much for your kind and appreciative words. I will surely try and continue to contribute in whatever best possible way.

Appreciate yor encouragement.

Wake Up Kokani's. Take full advantage of all your resources and try to grow.
4Friday, 04 February 2011 00:30
Kalim Kazi
Dear Chougle Sahab,

Thanks for an good article and to take an step to bring the Invesment Concept on I-Kokani forum. I feel personally, today our community need to be addressed and work practically on it.

Now, in agreement to your statement about the right time to invest is "NOW" and the "SELF-CONFIDENCE" to complete the task taken by an individual.

However, looking into the present scenario of business markets and Real Estate market, I would highly recommend people to keep investing in Real Estate rather searching for the Mutual Funds.

In my view Mutual Funds schemes are not that bad, but Real Estate could be said as an actual place to earn, ONLY IF YOU ARE AN INVESTOR.

If one has funds and want to make more out of it, then say, after knowing and performing the Builder assessment, and having the investment risk factor as GREEN LIGHT for investment, then definitely, one must invest in the new projects (Residential or Commercial), as with the development in the project progress, the price per.sq.ft also rises and at the end of a year, the overall your investment value rises approx. by 20% to 30% depending on the project type and assessed area value of the investment.

Also, at the time of the project completion, the value of the project will differ largely than to the original investment rate. For instance, a property (flat/commercial) in Mumbai being purchased for 30 Lakhs with two years project completion period, will have value approx. 50 Lakhs or at least close to it towards the end of the project.

Also, currently the Gold Market is set very high and not advisable to invest in it, whereas, the Gold is the actual commodity which carry values high and ever shining in all countries globally.

Also, none of the banks and shares investment or say an Mutual Funds can give you such an big return on your investment what would a Real Estate Investment may give by the end of the project. Also, one can quit and sell his investment at any time in between, before the project completion, and he is always expected to get benefit including his investment amount.

With the present scenario, I suggest Real Estate is an good opportunity for everyone to invest. However, I may request you to put some light on the "real-time investment risk factor calculation" and " future chances of fall/rise in Real Estate Business" if any?

Yours Brother,

Kalim U. Kazi
Right timing.
3Thursday, 03 February 2011 03:49
Ashfaque Wagle
Hmm again its a subject where only people with right kind of knowledge dwelve upon. It seems Mr Chougle has put it in alot of man hours and research in to these.
A very hlepful article with a right perspective.

Ashfaque Wagle
2Wednesday, 02 February 2011 11:31
Tanveer Kazi
I feel that thanks are the highest form of thoughts .... so let me first thank Mr.Intikhab Chougle for his efforts and the time which he has dedicated for this noble cause by sharing his thoughts and his valued experience with the people of his community The Kokani's ... I believe that his articles full of knowledge and guidance will help lot of people of our community in taking right decisions and motivate many others ...............Once again Thank you very much Mr.Chougle

both your articles are very very good ... keep the good work on May Allah Bless you..............................
Savings for the right time.
1Wednesday, 02 February 2011 11:29
Yes in current financial scenario........savings in form of investment is very important. As rightly said by Mr. Choughle, "Do not Save what is left after spending but Spend what is left after Savings" needs to be implemented by every individual for the better future.

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