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Wake Up Kokani's. Take full advantage of all your resources and try to grow.

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Dear Chougle Sahab, Thanks for an good article and to take an step to bring the Invesment Concept on I-Kokani forum. I feel personally, today our community need to be addressed and work practically on it. Now, in agreement to your statement about the right time to invest is "NOW" and the "SELF-CONFIDENCE" to complete the task taken by an individual. However, looking into the present scenario of business markets and Real Estate market, I would highly recommend people to keep investing in Real Estate rather searching for the Mutual Funds. In my view Mutual Funds schemes are not that bad, but Real Estate could be said as an actual place to earn, ONLY IF YOU ARE AN INVESTOR. If one has funds and want to make more out of it, then say, after knowing and performing the Builder assessment, and having the investment risk factor as GREEN LIGHT for investment, then definitely, one must invest in the new projects (Residential or Commercial), as with the development in the project progress, the price per.sq.ft also rises and at the end of a year, the overall your investment value rises approx. by 20% to 30% depending on the project type and assessed area value of the investment. Also, at the time of the project completion, the value of the project will differ largely than to the original investment rate. For instance, a property (flat/commercial) in Mumbai being purchased for 30 Lakhs with two years project completion period, will have value approx. 50 Lakhs or at least close to it towards the end of the project. Also, currently the Gold Market is set very high and not advisable to invest in it, whereas, the Gold is the actual commodity which carry values high and ever shining in all countries globally. Also, none of the banks and shares investment or say an Mutual Funds can give you such an big return on your investment what would a Real Estate Investment may give by the end of the project. Also, one can quit and sell his investment at any time in between, before the project completion, and he is always expected to get benefit including his investment amount. With the present scenario, I suggest Real Estate is an good opportunity for everyone to invest. However, I may request you to put some light on the "real-time investment risk factor calculation" and " future chances of fall/rise in Real Estate Business" if any? Yours Brother, Kalim U. Kazi +966-505-492-431

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