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Urdu Poetry Book released by Kokan Literary Circle Kuwait

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 Book Release

Kokan Literary Circle Kuwait, organized a grand function for the release of Urdu Poetry Book “SADAYEN TEZ THEE LAKIN…”, which is a collection of Urdu Poetries, by the young and famous poet, Mr. Sabir Omar Galsulkar, at Hotel Red Fort, Sharq, Kuwait on 7th Jan 2011. Kokan Literary Circle (KLC) is one of the oldest Urdu Literary wings in Kuwait. In the recent past, the Circle has organized successfully many events, like memorable evening for the renowned poets Sharaf Kamali and Abdullah Sajid etc., under the able leadership of Mr. Moh’d Saleh Burud , who is a  renowned businessman & well known name in the Social and literary circle of Kuwait.

  sabir_Omar_reading_poetry1 Array

Mr. Sabir Omar Galsulkar is a prominent name in Urdu literary Circle as a poet and literary critic. He has been attached to various literary organizations in Kuwait and working in various capacities like General Secretary for Kokan Literary Circle, Press Release Secretary for ARBAB-E-FIKR-O-FUN, and active member of Writers’ Forum, Kuwait. Also, it is purely his immense love with Urdu language which propelled him to bring out successfully the Urdu E- Magazine NISHAT, free of cost, from Kuwait, for the last three (3) years. This, E-Urdu Magazine, is his first successful literary venture. Now, his first Urdu Poetry Book “SADAYEN TEZ THEE LAKIN” is released in Kuwait.

  Omar_A.R_Galsulkar_Sabir_Omar_Dr_Saleh_J._mousa_M._Saleh_Burud_Maimoona_choughle1 Array

Mrs. Maimoona Ali Chougle, President of the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait, compered extremely well the entire proceeding. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Shamshuddin Darwe. The Compere welcomed the guests and invited Mr. Mohammad Saleh Barod, Dr. Saleha Jawad Musa, Author’s father Mr. Omar Abdul Rahman Galsulkar, and finally the author, Mr. Sabir Omar Galsulkar, to the stage.


Dr. Saleha Jawwad Al Moosa, an eminent Scholar, presided the ceremony while Mr. Saleh Burud, was the Chief Guest of the evening. After the brief introduction of the author, his book was formally released by Dr. Saleha Jawwad Al Moosa. Then the author was invited for his own presentation.


Speaking on the occasion full of emotion, Mr. Sabir Omar praised at length the education and culture imparted by his parents. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Divine for the love and kindness & affection bestowed on him through his daughter and spouse. Also, expressed his gratefulness to all his friends and senior poets, particularly Mr. Abdullah Sajid and Mr. Ayyub Qasim Karjikar for their guidance. Further, Mr. Sabir presented some of his Gazals and Poems from the released book and got great applause from the audience.

  ayyub_karjikar_presenting_poetic_tributes Array

The local famous poets, Ayyub Qasim Karjikar, Mr. Abu Shahid and Mr. Masood Hassas presented poetic tributes to the author, Mr. Sabir Omar, which was well appreciated. Professor Taslem Akbar Shah, Kuwait University, presented the poetic analysis about the book. Mr. Shahid Hinai, a renowned writer, also presented a beautiful article which filled the audience with humor. Also. Mrs. Maimoona Ali Chougle and famous poetess Mrs. Shahjahan Jaffery Hijab presented an interesting and thoughtful review about the book and got a big applause from the audience.

  Eng._M._Shakil Array

Mr. Bader Seemab and Mr. Abdullah Abbassi also poured extreme praise. Mr. Abdullah Abbassi, a renowned personality from Radio Kuwait (Urdu Service), stated about his interview with the author which was scheduled to be aired on 9th Jan’11. Also, Dr. Ayyub Dhokle, shared about his friendship from School days to this beautiful evening. Mr. Mathi (a Tamil poet) also congratulated the author and appreciated his efforts. Engineer Shakeel Moh’d also presented a brief review about the book and praised the author’s excellent work and hoped that the Urdu fraternity shall accord it a warm welcome. Dr. Nazir Fatehpuri, Editor-ASBAQ, Pune (India) also congratulated the author through e-mail. His message for the occasion was read by Engineer Shakeel. Also, the famous poet, Mr. Afroz Alam’s message, was narrated by the compere herself.

  father_of_Sabir_Omar Array

Then, Mr. Omar Abdul Rahman Galsulkar, father of the author, was invited to the dais to express his feelings on this day. He could not control his emotion and delivered a very paternal speech, which touched the heart of the audience. Once again, the star of the evening, Mr. Sabir Omar, was invited to share his excellent creation of Gazals & Poems with the audience and he was applauded overwhelmingly while reciting his poetic creations.

  saleh_burud_giving_words Array

Mr. Moh’d Saleh Burud, Chief Guest of the evening, was invited. He appreciated the author’s talent & his literary contributions. He also invited all the Urdu lovers to come forward and join the Circle in promoting our sweetest Urdu language. Further, he made it clear that KLC is not confined to Kokan but this platform is open for all Urdu lovers.


Finally, Dr. Saleha Jawwad Al Moosa gave a short presidential speech and narrated that she was deeply touched by the great work of young & energetic poet, Mr. Sabir Omar, particularly for his poem regarding the bomb blast at Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad. She also appreciated the author’s boldness for capturing such inhuman act in his creativity which requires great courage. Further, she wished him a great success in his future endeavor.

  Dinner Array

Lastly, Mr. Ali Chowgle, Vice President of Kokan Literary Circle (KLC), thanked the audience and invited them for the dinner. This beautiful evening will be remembered for a long time among the literature lovers.

Reported by Br. Sabir Omar Galsulkar, Kuwait

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