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Dear Chougle Sahab and All Brothers, Thanks again for coming up with important issues on the forum and giving guidance to every reader of the article. I would like to add little more to your topic, as follows: First, I would like to start with an proverb, which I am hearing from my Father since childhood days that “SOCIETY MAKE A MAN” and it is true that a person personality, attitude, thinking and way of living and behaving is tremendously affected by the society where he/she live or by the group of people he/she socialize with. For example, a child who dedicate his all time with engineers or doctor or lawyers and etc, will also attempt to impersonate and resemble them, likewise, an child socializing with an hooligans, will try to impersonate them. Hence, I believe, it’s an parents duty to think, control and take necessary steps to get their kids socialize with the type of people they want their kids to become example, associating with an like minded people. Also, I believe Luck is an factor of success and success is an state of mind. Success level is set by an every individual itself in brains. Briefly, a person psychology develops positive or negative about his life beginning from his childhood depending on various factors, such as surrounding pupils, with whom they live especially parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, pupils with whom they socialize like their instructors at school, college and Universities. Last but not least the television (Media Industry) has great impact on the new generation. A child starts dreaming and develops himself/herself as what their elders try to impose on them or if no proper input from the elders then they build themselves from what he/she learns from his/her experience (external and internal). This experiences basically blends with the personality of a child and develops Positive / negative attitude towards life. Final words, I would rather say, a person success constitutes his/her knowledge, favorable chances, material and decision assistance but most important factor is CONFIDENCE and determined will power to achieve the success in all defined goals. It is an child state of mind which prevents him/her taking decision to step forward in life or stay regretting with an excuses, which could be changed if ever given a try and supported by their Guardians / Parents holding optimistic views for the life value. Looking to match the global requirements and to qualify our kokanis community to fix in this professional environment, we must have our community developed with advance knowledge in all trades (Engineering, Doctors, IAS, IPS, Scientists and several others including politics) at higher level. Including this, they must be well trained in Mannerism, learned appropriate ethics and traditions and last but not least the world and Indian history. Including our basic education institution, OUR LIFE IS AN GREAT INSTITUTION, where we learn and develop ourselves from our positive & negative experience through which every good or bad individual has to pass. BUT SUCCESS BELONGS TO THOSE WHO TRY WITH AN POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND NEVER GIVE UP! Also, in my view, in order to achieve the above results and to start with, as an first step, our Kokani community parents should TAKE COUNSELLING THEMSELVES,, as I believe PARENTS ARE THE FOUNDER OF BELIEFS, FAITH AND ATTITUDE IN ONE CHILD LIFE. What, parent learns from their experience, they pass on the same on to the next generation and say a person with bad experience, may try to hinder and stop his kids from taking optimistic steps in life. WELL LIFE IS FULL OF RISK BUT A PERSON CANT STOP LIVING, What do you say? WITH THIS, I HOPE IF NOT ALL, THEN AT LEAST FEW PARENTS WILL THINK AND TAKE ACTION WISELY FOR THEIR KIDS CAREER DEVELOPMENT. NOTE: PARENTS PLAYS AN VITAL ROLE IN EVERY CHILDS LIFE AND THEIR TEACHINGS ARE EASILY ABSORBED BY THEIR KIDS. SO, OUR KOKANIS PARENTS MUST TAKE COUNSELLING TO UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES, THEIR DREAMS FOR THE CHILD AND CHILD DREAMS FOR HIMSELF/HERSELF, AS THIS REVOLUTION MAY BRING OUR COMMUNITY ON INDIA'S TOP LEVEL IN ALL TRADES OF LIFE. Before closing, I would like to mention here that I being an human-being, chances of mistake and mismatching of the views/thoughts could be possible, hence, I personally request to every reader of this article to correct me, if you feel I am wrong at any place, for which I won't be annoyed, and would be pleased to receive your comments on the same too. Thanks & Best Regards, Engr. Kalim U. Kazi (Mech.) Operations & Sales Manager This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Mob : +966 505 492 431 Tel. : +966 3 86 77 400 Ext. 223 Fax : +966 3 86 77 300 Al-Khobar - 31952, Saudi Arabia
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