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Kokan Committee - Dammam - 5th Annual General Meeting

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Fifth annual function of Kokan committee – Dammam, AlKhobar branch was held on 25th February 2011 at White Palace marriage hall in Dammam. This year annual function was special. Different Kokan committees graced the occasion. 6 member’s team from Qatar representing Halqa-e-Ahbab-e-Kokan, 13 members from Kokan committee – Riyadh, 15 members from Kokan committee – Jubail and last but not the least one representative from Madina Kokan committee. We were also honored by Mr. Ismail Ebrahim Badiwalla, who was kind enough to accept our invitation to be the chief guest for the evening. The Kokani community should feel proud on the achievements of Badiwalla family. They are one of the top Indian business groups in Eastern Province. Mr. Javid Ebrahim Badiwalla, the eldest son is the president of Indian Business Forum – Eastern Province, which in itself is a great achievement.  

As usual guests & members started arriving after Juma prayers followed by lunch. The main programs started sharp at 2 pm with recitation of the Holy Quran by Hafiz Suhail Siddiqui and Hadees on Infaaq by Mr. Ridwan Khatib. Approximately 400 people were present in the hall. Mr. Mubashir Kardame was in charge of comparing who justified his role by managing such a large crowd professionally. All the programs were conducted in timely manner. At the beginning of program he shared good news with the crowd about a boy Mr. Riyaz Dhunware, who was extended financial assistance by Kokan committee, completed his education and became a doctor. He has pledged his support to extend all the help to Kokan committee to achieve its goals and also promised to keep the interest of Kokani community ahead of every thing. This news could not have come at a better time. Just one day prior to our annual function and the same was shared by 400 people who were over joyed with the achievement and offered him their prayers. Such achievements will boost the moral of all the members who are associated with us. Mr. Mubashir then called Mr. Waqar Panvelkar to enlighten the crowd on the achievements and shortfall of the committee.

Mr. Waqar Panvelkar, a chartered accountant by profession, audited the financials of Kokan committee and found everything to be in order. He also presented the slide show to the audience and highlighted the achievements of Kokan committee during 2010, at the same time pointed out the shortfalls too. In the category of achievements Kokan committee sponsored 117 students during 2010 by extending financial hand to these students. On shortfall we had major set back on the front of membership collection. The membership collection declined by almost 33.21%. However, this short fall did not deter us from extending financial assistance to those students who look upon us with great hope. We urge and request humbly to all those who will and are reading this report to strengthen our hands by paying their monthly contribution without fail.

After the serious session of financial highlight, audiences were amused with a short mimicry & some kokni poetry. With this we managed to bring back the attention of all the audience for a series of speeches from our guests across and within the border. Our chief guest Mr. Ismail Badiwalla gave a very brief and apt speech with a message to the youth that “in today’s world every one has to work hard and take the responsibilities on their shoulder instead of relying on others”. He also praised the work of Kokan committee and assured his moral and financial support in future. Finally joint president of Kokan committee Mr. Nizam Dalwai thanked the guests and also thanked all those who have tirelessly worked to make sure the function is a big success. At the end we thanked Almighty Allah for choosing us to carry the torch of Kokan committee in making a dot of light in the darkness.

Reported by: Br. Abid Imam Khawar, Public Relations & Media, Kokan Committee Eastern Province, Damma AlKhobar Branch

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