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High Tea invitation from Indian Ambassador in Qatar

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Mr. Hassan Chougle along with other dignitaries from India were invited for High Tea and arranged meeting with Indian Ambassador to Qatar Deepa Wadhwa and Mr.Anil Wadhwa Indian Ambassador to Oman.
Kamal_Mandlekar-with-Indian-Ambassador-in-Qatar Array
Seating from Left to Right, Lion Kamal Mandlekar, Prof. Ajaz Rawoot, Mr. Salim Alware, Fakhr-E-Kokan Mr. Hassan Chougle, Deepa Goplan Wadhwa- Indian Ambassador to Qatar, Anil Wadhwa-Indian Ambassador to Oman, Nadeem Mahir-VP. Anjuman Muhibhan-E-Urdu Hind Qatar.
Group-Photo Array
Submitted by : Br. Kamal Mandlekar

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