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Kokani Students Shining in CBSE exams of 10th & 12th

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It is very heartening to know that this year most of the Kokani students from Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia performed exceptionally well in the CBSE exams of 10th & 12th.

 kashif-jaweed-kazi mohammed-zaid-bagdadi tabir-waqar-panvelkar 

Following is the list of students who have done Kokani Community Proud.
1- Ms Tabir Waqar Panvelkar 10th - 100%
2- Ms Abeer Eissa Karjikar 10th - 100%
3- Ms Fatima Gafur Dalwai 10th - 95%
4- Ms Rozmen Rauf Wangde 10th - 95%
5- Ms Bushra Hanif wangde 12th - 86%
6- Mr Mohammed Zaid Bagdadi 10th - 85.5%
7- Mr Kashif Javeed Kazi 10th - 77.9%
8- Ms Fatima Shahnawaz Khatib 12th - 77%
9- Ms Suad Sajjad Khatib 12th - 71%
10- Mr Zargham Altaf Qadiri 12th - 70%
11- Ms Zainab Shabbir Mukadam 10th - 65%
12- Ms Aafreen Zahid Mukadam 10th - 65%
13- Ms Mohsina Arshad Kazi 10th - 62%
14- Mr Taha Johar Balbale 12th - 54%
15- Mr Afif Irfan Khatib 10th  50%
16- Mr Yahya Mubashir Kardame 10th - 50%

Once again we congratulate all the students and their parents and wish all the students great success in their future. We have tried our best to collect the data of the Kokani students of Eastern Province from our sources.If any student has been left out of the above list then our apologies and congratulations to them as well.

Reported by: Br. Abid Imam Khawar, Public Relations & Media, Kokan Committee Eastern Province, Damma AlKhobar Branch

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Salam alaikum
1Sunday, 02 October 2011 17:07
sajid sahibole
Congratulations to all the above students and their parents also wish them successful future.

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