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Harnai Navanagar Masjid Donation Appeal

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Jamatul Muslimin, Harnai Navanagar, seeks your help to raise the funds to build the Ablution Centre (Vazoo Khana) of the Jama Masjid in Harnai Navanagar area. the cost of is approximately Rs.1.5 lacs. The masjid committee members have requested all the brothers in faith to donate as much as possible. A copy of the masjid appeal is attached below for verification purposes.
harnai-navanagar-masjid-donation Array
Kindly remit to your funds as per the details below to Br. Zahoor Sardar for the Harnai Navanagar Masjid. Br. Zahoor is currently working in UAE and can be reached on +971 5 54271126 and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
A/c name : Zahoor T Sardar
A/c No.  11325638295
Bank : State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch : Dapoli
iKokani requests brothers working abroad especially from Harnai and adjoining areas to come forward and support this noble cause. May ALLAH swt reward all those who put in their efforts towards Islam.Those who are unable to donate can still support this charity mission by forwarding this request to other muslim brothers, friends, colleagues and relatives.

*iKokani is not a financial supporting organization and is therefore not responsible for any financial dealings between donor and requester. iKokani merely provides information requested by members or matters forwarded to us. Organizations or individuals willing to support, donate or help should thoroughly investigate matters of help published on iKokani website.

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