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Matter of self respect-- What an apt Subtitle.

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Bit of a background behind this article. As you can see that brother Intikhab Chougle is an Associate Vice President of HSBC bank. We can imagine how busy his life must be considering his high level position, but his passion to serve Kokani community force him to write excellent articles in iKokani website. Of course, credit goes to Abu Yasser for maintaining the quality of this website by uploading useful & relevant matters time to time for the benefit of community. I became instant FAN of brother Intikhab when I read few of his articles. I realised that he has written good article on investment but nothing is available for retirement saving so I requested brother Intikhab to do research and write article relevant to Kokani life style as the available articles on retirement planning & thumb rule used are relevant to western life style. He indeed come up with thum rule for Kokani people that we need to save 12 to 15% for our retirement. He has not copied this thumb rule from any website. This means, he must have done many calculation for various scenarios & iterations to get that magic number. In short , it takes lot of personal efforts & time to produce well researched article. In that sense, he has personally obliged me because of my personal request. It is now in our interest, that we all encourage our other brothers to read this article & take benfit of free knowledge. In developed countries, you have to pay lot of money to financial advisor to get this type of quality advice. And don't just read it like a story. It is a sound advice. Act on it. If you need personal help to calculate tailor made formula for your case, ask help. I am sure, if it is a reasonable request, brother Intikhab will not mind helping given his track record of his passion. Thank you brother Intikhab. Hats off to you once again.
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Thank You
1Wednesday, 09 November 2011 17:47
Intikhab Chougle
Dear Shakur Bhai,

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation , I surely do not deserve it all. The passion to reach out to our people and work towards bringing in a change is pretty high within me and I thought this was an excellent oppurtunity.

As mentioned by you, I am always around to help/ support initiatives by contributing towards the end objective being the development of Kokani's and Kokan Region.

Jazzak Allah Khair :)

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