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Retirement Planning-Matter of self respect

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Assalam Alaykum Retirement planning is a very important aspect, Everyone is aware of it and try to plan for it to the best of thier capabilities. No surefire remedy available for it. Its again based on a individual's need (present & future) and needs to be planned accordingly. Its vey difficult to arrive on a formula for the same, it seems and as pointed out by Mr Shakur T there is a lot of market reasearch ,manhours and efforts by Mr Intikhab C after which he has come out with such a balanced view on this subject. The basic needs of a individual like marriage,house and medical requirements are taken as examples and as its evident in so many cases the medical needs do grow as we grow up and our resources are dried up to cater to our medical needs, so this should be considered very seriously. Judicious Investments in real estate/gold are also the need of the hour as pointed out by Mr Intikhab and so is the time tested PPF schemes. The ideal thumbrule in terms of 12 to 15 % savings is something which I feel is a realistic figure (Same can vary as per the individual) All and all it is again a very important subject taken up by Mr Intikhab and he has thrown much needed light on the same. He should continue with the good work.

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