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Kokan Welfare Society Kuwait Iftaar Party - 2015

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Kokan Welfare Society Kuwait Iftaar Kokan Welfare Society Kuwait Iftaar
Kokan Welfare Society, Kuwait hosted an Iftar party for the Kokan community members. It was attended by a large number of people. The program started with recitation of verses from The Holy Quran by Hafiz Sarfaraz. This was followed by welcome and presidential speech by Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane. He welcomed the invitees and congratulated them on the blessed month of Ramadan. He spoke about the aims, objectives of formation of Kokan Welfare Society. He said that the purpose of establishment of society is community welfare and educational awareness among the community. He urged for the co-operation and dedication of the kokni community members and requested participation of all the members.

A beautiful recitation Praising of Allah (Mukalama) was sung by a group of children

KWS honours those children who along with their studies memorize the complete Holy Quran. This time Hafiz Aman Hanif Parkar was honored for his achievement. The sponsors of the event were also honoured.

The General Secretary, Dr. Rahmattullah Galsoorkar then briefed the audience with the society aims, objectives and the various activities like, the Sadaqa collection scheme, Ramzan ration distribution, Islamic classes and the hosting the dignitaries arriving from India. He said the KWS was providing a platform for collective works for the uplift and development of the community.

This was followed by Deeni bayan by Mufti Hamza Falahi who spoke about the the blessings of Ramzan the concept of social work in the society. Mufti Hamza Qasim spoke on the concept of unity and brotherhood in Islam and stressed on the social works towards the needy.

Joint Secretary Ashraf Hajwane proposed the vote of thanks. Following this was Dua by Mohammed Taqi Daroge and thereafter followed by Iftar. Dinner was served after Magrib prayers

The program was well timed and compeered by Yacoub Solkar

The audience was very impressed and expressed their support to the welfare works for the community. The office bearers express their gratitude to the executive and working committees, the volunteers and the kokni community for their dedicated efforts and support.

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