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Sunrise Dawn of a new sunrise for iKokani

The Dawn of New Kokani Muslim Community Web Portal


iKokani is a new web-based project aimed at uniting and imparting information about Kokani Muslims. As the famous saying goes by, "Well begun is half done", so we have strived forth in bringing out the best website for our Kokani community people and Insha-ALLAH we shall always try to bring the best as much as we can.

Our Mission

Our primary aim is to benefit our Kokani muslim brethren through this website who have so far been neglected or ignored unknowingly by the whole world. Although Kokanis are discovering new places, handling high profile jobs, entering new business, becoming entreprenuers or upgrading themselves, sadly nothing is being done towards uplifting the image of Kokani Muslims or for the society. 

Kokanis have been unable to catch media attention, except a few Kokanis, inspite of being one of the oldest muslim communities in India. Kokanis have been migrating to foreign lands in search of better prospects like Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, USA, UK and Canada. The ones left behind in India have been unable to contribute any significant achievement for Kokani community in the race of development and progress as compared to other muslim communities like Memons, Bohris, Khojas, Bhatkals, Mophlas etc. Our secondary aim is to uplift our Kokani image. We need to bring a change in our attitude, our responsibilities and our way of thinking. We would then be able to help others effectively.


Your contributions should lead mainly towards the development and benefit of Kokani community. You can help this website in many ways e.g. spreading iKokani's information to people, contributing to news, jobs, matrimonials, forwarding medical, educational or masjid appeals etc. You may also provide us email addresses of your kokani friends, information about kokani organizations or committees formed around the world,  Similarly you can  participate in our Classifieds Section, Business Section, Chatroom and Forum. If you have rare pictures, photographs, old original manuscripts from British empire or rulers of Maratha or Mughal dynasty, you may forward their digital images to list it in our Heritage Section.

Your suggestions are most welcome. We will definitely review and publish acceptable infomation on the website. Please check our Contribution Section for more details. Help us to improve this website. A panel of board members is underway and will be formed soon for carrying out this complete proces.

If there is anyone willing to help voluntarily on a regular basis for collecting data, please write to me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Your Brother-in-Islam


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