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iKokani Features

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Below are some of the features of iKokani project currently under-construction.


Job vacancies around the world suggested by fellow kokanis who can personally help. Job displayed will be of two types: General & Referential.

  • General Jobs are information about jobs which is normally extracted from websites, jobsites, newspapers, magazines, job portals and related agencies.
  • Referential Jobs are those jobs which are referred personally by our kokani fellows who are willing to undertake responsibility to help in getting candidate pushed towards securing the offered job.


Education will cover information on Training, Workshops, Seminars, Free Education, Free Lectures or anything that can help poor kokani students. This section will also feature top/merit kokani students for motivating other Kokani students.


Kokani Muslims searching for matrimonials within the Kokani community. iKokani looks forward to provide better and complete confidential Kokani matchmaking facility. 

Kokan News (Local & International)

News relevant to Kokan region like social gatherings, meetings, announcements, development activities etc. Kokani committees organizing such events all over the world can upload their activities for information purposes.

Charity Donations and Committees

List of charity donations and helping organizations through which Kokani muslims can receive benefit.  

Appeal for Help

Help appeals from needy people for Medical, Educational or Zakat purposes. iKokani's participation will be limited only towards dissemination of information to its members and site visitors and not responsible for any kind of fraud, negligence or misappropriation of funds.

Interviews/Biographies of Famous Kokani Muslim personalities

Kokanis who have made us proud and have achieved excellence in their fields will be interviewed and featured on the website. This will be purely for motivation purposes for fellow kokanis and young generations. Approval of featured member will be done by advisory board members.

Masjid pictures in Kokan region

Beautiful Masjids in Kokan region. Submit your masjid pictures in Kokan region taken by digital camera. Please send your masjid photos with details like name of mosque, capacity, location etc. Madrasas can also be listed in this website. However, iKokani would like to refrain from advertising or publishing any religious information.

Kokani Worldwide Committees

Committees, Groups, Associations, Clubs, Organizations etc. formed by Kokanis at various places. Registered organizations will get free homepage or web space to publish their local activities and personal email address service from


Advertise your real-estate, buy properties, land or shops through You may also list other things like automobiles, electronics or anything which you feel can be advertised. 

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