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Kokan Milan 2010 at United beach camp - Jubail

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On Friday 9-Apr-2010, Kokan Committee Eastern Province has organized a first ever family get together named Kokan Milan 2010 at United beach camp - Jubail. About 500 Kokanis (families and Bachelors) working /self employed around Jubail / Dammam / Al-Khobar /Al-Hassa (Hofuf) in Saudi Arabia gathered at venue for a full day program. Separate sections were arranged for Ladies and Gents.

  15-KokanMilan-Prize-Distribution Array

Kokan Milan Prize Distribution

The organizers are pleased to report that a good number of people reached the venue on time and Program started at sharp 8:30 am, as schedule, with Guest Registration followed by Morning Break-Fast, Qirat Competition, Islamic Quiz, Friday Prayer, Lunch, Various Games, Asr Snack, Continuation of Games, Raffle Draw, Prize Distribution and Dinner till 9:00 pm. 

The day program was organized keeping the children in mind which was fully justified by providing Chocolates, cup cakes, juices, flavored milk and Lay's Chips in abandon quantity with a topping of ice cream. Children big and small alike were stuck between snacks and games. 

Juma Prayer Khutba and Namaz were organized at venue. A Khateeb from Jubail Dawa Centre was invited to offer Friday sermon and prayers. A large number of people offered Friday prayers at venue only.

  KokanMilan-StandingOvation_to_Mr._Sikandar_Modak_Mr._Abid_Imam Array

Kokan Milan Standing Ovation to Mr. Sikandar Modak Mr. Abid Imam 

Program was conducted with discipline and timely manner with efforts of Mr. Sikandar Modak as Program Director along with Program Manager Mr. Zahid Jamadar with the support of around 50 volunteers. similarly in Ladies Section with efforts of Mrs. Ruhi Sikandar Modak along with Mrs. Shaheen Zahid Jamadar with the support of around 30 ladies volunteers.
Invitations, Coordination, Collection and follow-up were done by Chief Coordinators Mr. Abid Imam and Mr. Nadeem Pathan with other coordinators.
Welcome note, various program and Games were conducted by Mr. Zahid Jamadar, Mr. Salim Talib, Maqsood Rakhange, Mubasheer Kardame ,Ibrahim Mukadam ,Ibrahim Dadarkar and Mr. Irfan Khatib .   Ladies section program and games were conducted by Miss Hana Sikandar Modak, Mrs Masoom Maqsood Rakhange, Mrs. Farkanda Abid Imam, Mrs. Shaheens Zahid Jamadar, Mrs Raeesa Gani Kapdi, and Mrs. Ruhi Sikandar Modak.
There were various prizes for kids, games participant and lucky raffle draw. Almost everyone went winning with one or more prizes. Every youngest child per family was given a consolation prize.
Overwhelming support of participant made the program successful. Post Program Standing Ovation was given to Mr. Sikandar Modak and Mr. Abid Imam for their extraordinary efforts in making program a successful event. Kokan Committee Eastern Province expresses here many thanks to participant, organizers and sponsors for their support and coordination.



1-      GIFTS & PRIZES

  • J-Tools Technologies FZE- Ajman (UAE)
  • Al-Hana Imaging and Copying Centre - Dubai (UAE)
  • Abdullatif Jameel Co. Electronic division (TOSHIBA)
  • Sanjar Arabia Office Supplies - (Jubail)
  • Nasayem Alkhaleej Est. (Alkhobar)
  • Zaina International (a division of Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo - Saudi Arabia)
  • Aujan (Arranged by Mushtaq Desai)
  • Aman Rajpurkar
  • Religious Books by Irfan Khatib
  • Arshad Kazi
  • Mohammed Rashid Al-Bunain Trading EST -Jubail
  • International Modern Industrial Consumable (IMIC) -Jubail



  • Breakfast- SMH Industrial Services (Jubail)
  • Asr Snacks, Chips & Chocolates- Industrial Resources Arabia Ltd. (Jubail)
  • Cakes & Pastries - Abbas Kaskar (Dammam)
  • Ice Cream - Moazzam Dadan (Alkhobar)
  • Nada Juices - Gani Kazi ( Hofuf)
  • Rani Drinks - Aujan (Arranged by Abdulrauf Wangde)  (Dammam)
  • Tea/Coffee/Water -  Sikandar Modak/Abid Imam Khawar (Jubail/Alkhobar)



  • Sound System- Wasim Haddadi(Jubail)
  • Carpets - Nadeem Pathan (Jubail)
  • Disposable - Sikandar Modak/Nadeen Pathan - Jubail
  • Logistic Support and Misc Support - JGC Arabia Ltd. Jubail


4-      Participant Contribution.

  • Adult - above 12 years: SAR 45/person
  • Children above 5 yrs and below 12 yrs: SAR 25/person
  • Children 5 yrs and below: Free



  • Rizwan Khatib
  • Aslam Pansare
  • Zahid Mukadam
  • Mushtaq Desai
  • Wasim Haddadi
  • Najeeb Kadri
  • Mubeen Bagdadi
  • Sajid Sayyed
  • Waqar Panvelkar
  • Iqbal Lala
  • Moin Khot
  • Ejaz Kadwaikar
  • Iftekhar Kazi
  • Mohammed Dhanse
  • Irfan Pathan
  • Shabbir Khamkar
  • Faisal Ukaye
  • Naveed Arai
  • Adam Mukadam
  • Murad Jalgaokar
  • Athar Lambe
  • Iqbal Mahadi
  • Dildar Qadri
  • Ejaz Thange
  • Moazzam Kadri
  • Moatasim Logde
  • Tariq Bagkari
  • Mateen Khamkar
  • Hafizulla Dandekar
  • Zainuddin Chivelkar
  • Johar Balbale
  • Hisham Tisekar
  • Aman Rajpurkar
  • Nasir Kauchali

As forwarded by Br. Abid I. Khawar (Jubail-KSA)

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