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Kokan Committee KSA - 4th Annual Function

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Kokan committee - Eastern Province
Dammam, Khobar branch

A brief description of the 4th annual function held on 5th March 2010.

Fourth annual function of Kokan committee - Dammam, Khobar branch was held on 5th March 2010 at White Palace marriage hall in Dammam. The management committee and coordinators always stride hard for the betterment of function. As such we took lot of corrective measures to make this function a great success.

First of all the venue selected was spacious. The main hall could accommodate 350 people. A separate dinning hall coupled with food from a professional caterer made things much better compared to last year. All the attendees enjoyed the food and the service offered.

In order to maintain the discipline through out the program several committees of volunteers were formed who made sure that the discipline was maintained at all times and function progressed in timely fashion. The management committee would like to thank the following volunteers for their untiring support.

M/s Moazzam Qadri, Shabbir Khamkar, Ahmed Kazi & Murad Jalgaonkar were incharge of transportation who made sure that no one was left behind.

M/s Mukhtar Khan and Mubashir Kardame were in forefront to welcome the guest of honors.

Ejaz Kadwekar, Zahid Mukadam, Mushtaq Desai ,Irfan Khatib, Adam Mukadam , Iqbal Lala, Maqsood Rakhange, Moin Khot , Sajjad Khatib,Iftekhar Kazi welcomed all the attendees and escorted them to the dinning hall.

Lunch would not have been served in discipline manner without the efforts of M/s Athar Lambe, Faisal Ukay, Dildar Qadri, Imtiyaz Mithakre, Shabbir Khamkar, Murad Jalgaonkar, Ejaz Thange, Asgar Satwilkar, Mohammed Hassan Kardame, Sajjad Ghansar ,Naveed Arai , Hisham Tisekar. This group of youngsters has always shown keen interest at such gatherings.

Immediately after Juma prayers guest started arriving at the hall. This year we also arranged transport facility for those who did not have vehicle. Our volunteers were very active in receiving the guest and guiding them to the dinning hall for lunch which started at sharp 12.30 p.m. Alhamdulillah food was ample the service was excellent. Our volunteers were also on toes to make sure no plate was empty. The management committee is thankful to all those volunteers who extended their support during lunch time.

In order to recognize Kokan committee - Riyadh as our extended arm we invited office bearers of Kokan committee- Riyadh branch to attend this function. We are thankful to M/s Nasir Dalwaee, Nasir Khan, Amaan Kazi, Munawar Pathan, Imtiyaz Sable and a few others who accepted our invitation and graced the occasion. The committee is also thankful to Dr. Siraj Bijle who came all the way from Riyadh .Siraj Bijle is doctor of philosophy and editor of KOKAN NEWS. Our special thanks to M/s Mohammed Mulla, Qassim Patankar and Mr. Chogle, all of them Bahraini nationals, who came to grace the occasion from Bahrain.

Mr. Ridwan Khateeb invited guest of honors to occupy the seat at stage. The program started at sharp 2 pm with recitation of Quran which was followed by Hadith. Mr. Ridwan also shed light on the aims and achievements of Kokan committee. Taking a step forward, this year the balance sheet of Kokan committee for the year 2009 was projected on the screen in the form of a presentation. The colorful presentation was prepared by Mr. Johar Balbale and presented to audience by Mr. Mubashir Kardame. In the presentation we gave the complete details of collection and disbursement under all heads with a comparison to year 2008. The importance of collection was highlighted to the audience with a repeated request from speakers to concentrate more on collection. We are hopeful that the message was well received by all the attendees.

The Q&A session was cold even this year. Only a few questions were raised from the audience and the same were replied by Mr. Zahid Jamadar. After Q&A session guest of honors were requested to share their thoughts. Dr. Bijle, Mr. Nasir Khan, Mr. Mushtaq Ulde, Dr. Naveed all these guest of honors gave the speech and more or less the message conveyed by these speakers was about the importance of education ,unity and charity. Mr. Mulla who is also the president of Bahrain Kokan committee gave a wonderful speech and appreciated the effort of Kokan committee - Eastern province. At the end joint president of Dammam/Khobar and Jubail committee Mr. Sikander Modak gave a heart warming and inspirational speech.

To amuse the audience, we also arranged kokani shaaeeri and a small entertainment mimicry which was appreciated a lot. This year we also provided refreshment along with evening tea.

The Kokan committee is thankful to Mr. Basheer - owner of catering services, Mr. Kazi from Nada Co. for sponsoring the juices , Mr Abid Imam Khawar for video filming the whole event . Last but not the least Kokan committee is thankful to all those who contributed generously towards the expenses of this annual function. We pray to Allah to reward all those people with best of hasanat. The program concluded with the vote of thank from Mr. Ridwan Khateeb.


 As forwarded by Br. Abid I. Khawar (Jubail-KSA)

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