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Altaf Mustaq Pawaskar

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Altaf Mustaq Pawaskar

Altaf Mustaq Pawaskar is one of our brilliant kokani student who has secured admission for Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Versova. Unfortunately, his family conditions make it difficult for him to pursue further. The annual college fees is Rs. 66,491.

Altaf is an orphan having lost his father at a tender age a decade ago. He stays with his uncle who, sadly, cannot afford to pay such high fees.

iKokani would like to thank Br. Abdulhamid Haju of Kokan Education and Welfare Trust for forwarding such issues. We urge Kokani philanthropist to come forward and adopt their education sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor for Mast. Altaf, please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Marksheet: Results & Father's Death Certificate

*iKokani is not a financial supporting organization and is therefore not responsible for any financial dealings between donor and requester. iKokani merely provides information requested by members or matters forwarded to us. Organizations or individuals willing to support, donate or help should thoroughly investigate matters of help published on iKokani website.

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