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Investment Advisory

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Towards better future

Mr. Salim Desai,
Financial / Investment Advisor

All of us work hard to achieve our dreams e.g. big house, good car, better future for self and our children. We also work hard to have a safe & healthy life and hope to have a comfortable retirement. But dreams do not become true in reality naturally. To bring our dreams into reality, we need to plan.

I meet many people of the mid or late fifties age group, who have worked hard for their whole life. After all these years of hard work, suffrage and sacrifices, when I look at their savings, I find that there are hardly any assets to support post retirement expenses. They are somewhat forced to lead a dependent life, mostly on their children. This is not because they didn't earn but because they did not invest & plan their finances well when they were earning.

When we start earning we feel happy to see money coming & accumulating in our bank accounts. Most often, people in twenties on their first jobs don't do much with their salary except spending it on unnecessary things. Any surplus money lies idle in the accounts because either they don't see any immediate need or don't know how to invest. If it is the first reason, then there is no such thing as too early for the investment & if it is for 2nd reason then you may seek expert advice. You may be good in numbers but doing things alone like planning finances, allocating assets & continuously monitoring is difficult task which may affect your specialty area of working for bread & butter. So in such situations, you need assistance for planning your savings.

Investment is not a complex process unless we make it complex ourselves by not following basic principles of investments. Investment is matter of discipline, vision & planning.

Our sincere intention of starting this series /services is to educate people about financial planning, investment processes & to help them to participate in the process of economic development. In coming articles we will try to unfold many of these, mean while please do write to us for any free advice.

Always don't work for money, let money also work for you.

Mr. Salim Desai is the Asst. Vice-President of Al Razzi Holding Group in Kuwait. He earned his Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University. He has passed many professional certifications examinations from US & India which includes CPA, CMA & CFM. He is board member of Bayan Medical Co KSC for last two years.

He believes Economic Development is an integral process of Community Development. So Financial Counseling, being his prime interest, transformed him in Investment Advisory. Being an NRI, he is well versed with NRI's problems & offers practical solutions. He can be reached on his email by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone +965 99727710.

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