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Dreaming Towards Reality

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Do you have a Dream ???

Do you have a Dream?

Mr. Intikhab Chougle,
Associate Vice-President,
HSBC India

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a Custom Officer. I would always make it a point to go to the airport to receive my father and my uncles who would be coming from abroad on their annual leaves. It was fascinating to see my family members being stopped by these guys in crisp white uniforms at the airport for checking.

From the viewing gallery I would observe my father / uncles explaining the baggage etc and finally finding their way towards us, out of the terminal after many facing the difficulties to convince the officers. I always thought these guys in white to be very important and powerful, this thought stayed with me in the days when I was growing up and inspired me to move in the direction of nurturing my dream.

Then came a time after school, when I joined college and had no real guidance in terms of career path due to lack of counseling and I continued to go with the flow along with my friends to complete the graduation. Somewhere in between I realised that the way to fulfill my dream was left out and I cannot backtrack the steps to reach my dream which I had grown up with.

At the time when I had completed my education and was looking out for professional career, I had many aspirations that were never fulfilled. It was partially due to the lack of confidence in being able to fulfill them and partly due to the pressure of family / friends to succeed in the tried and tested path in career. A lot of aspirations and wants got compromised on my way to succeed in career and be where I stand today.

You must be wondering, what the above experience sharing has got to do with my article, let me explain the same. All of us have dreams, the dreams that we grow up with, the dreams that we live with and the dreams that we want to fulfill when we grow old. Somehow all these dreams can be achieved by gathering the required knowledge, by having a long term vision and a detailed planning for achieving what you have set out for in life. Somehow all these things tie-up to us being able to dream and achieve them through a proper planned mechanism.

Today all of us work hard to earn money for giving better life to our family members, educating our children and somewhere also for the dreams that we have dared to see. But the focus is maintained on the first 2 aspects and somewhere our dreams might get compromised. The dream of a NRI residing in Gulf country or abroad could be a very simple one of building a home back in village or of being able to buy a house in city of dreams - Mumbai, maybe driving a owned car when you come back in village after retirement or even more important is to invest in instruments which will fetch a future returns and will secure the post retirement life. These can well be achieved by a detailed planning and maybe by seeking professional assistance to organize the requirements.

The basic fundamental of investment remains that you have to establish a clear cut goal and time-frame for your money to grow and give you all that you have ever planned for or wanted. It is hence important that if we do not have the expertise then we seek help / support from the people who are qualified to assist you with planning the way to achieve your financial dreams or goals. As the simple formula for success is right expertise plus proper financial planning and you are bound to achieve success in your long term goals.

It is important that all of us have our dreams and we work towards achieving the same as I strongly believe that 'Dreams are not meant to be only dreams. They are Inspiration for you to convert them into reality.'

The first and most important step towards success, is feeling that we can succeed.

Mr. Intikhab Chougle, is Associate Vice President with HSBC Group in India and has been a retail banker for past 11 years. He has completed his Bachelors in Commerce from Mumbai University and is currently pursuing his MBA with major in 'Banking & Finance'. With a total working experience of close to 15 years in Mumbai, he has been an active member in social service in Mumbai for promoting causes like 'education for girl child' and promoting medical assistance for old and deserving people. He has also traveled to Malaysia, Paris, a part of UAE market for professional reasons and has acquired vast market knowledge about investments and business approaches adopted in different markets.

He believes, it is very important that we must return back to the community what we have earned and learned from the society and hence is willing to extend his support to the people who would want to seek his expertise in setting and achieving their financial goals.

He can be reached on his email id This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Comments (3)
Getting Kokani's on a common Platform
3Sunday, 05 December 2010 11:02
Murtuza Rajapkar
I take pride in knowing that our Kokani brothers have reached such commendable positions to be recognised in society today. In our earlier years when we started our careers I heard of Kokani's either working in Gulf countries or on ship's to make their livelyhood. The trend followed by their survivors following parents or their brothers.

Some of them made wise investments to take care of their old age requirement however most of them earned and spent without making any investments leaving them high and dry at their old age.

I am in total agreement with Intikhab and sincerely believe that our Kokani brothers have dreams but cannot fulfill them due to lack of knowledge or market information.

This is a good platform to educate / inform our Kokani brothers on the happenings in the local market.

Al Hamdu Lillah nice to see our Kokani brothers come on a common platform and work together for the benefit of each other.

Good work and good intentions are always appreciated by Allah. May Allah make all the effort put in to get the Kokani community together a big success.

Times are changing
2Saturday, 04 December 2010 08:45
Ashfaque Wagle
A old adage goes where there is a will there is a way. In continuation to my earlier post on this article of Mr Intikhab, It is the individual who decides what he desires in life, if his intentions are good surely Allah mekes the path much easier for him.
It is the the threshold limit that a person needs to decide for himself. When a person realises this his dreams start to come through.
Again my best wishes to self made individual's like Mr Intikhab Chougle who set a positive example for other's to follow.
May Allah bless us all. Ameen
Ashfaque Wagle
Development in Kokani Muslims due to Education and Career
1Wednesday, 01 December 2010 08:28
Mohsin Rakhangi
We all grow up with a dream career in our life but very few are able to turn it into reality. The prime reason being that most of us come from an below-average to average educated parents or family members. Hence, the seriousness or pressure towards education, career guidance or efforts towards achieving certain careers are weak and less provocative. Also motivation, confidence or support sometimes does not come naturally from within, but has to be sought for. At many a times, we end up serving an odd job completely beyond our dreams or imaginations, more on the unsatisfactory side.

This article by Br. Intikhab depicts a true story of millions of people especially in the Kokan region where development caused by education is yet to revolutionize.

Good article.

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