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Getting Kokani's on a common Platform

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I take pride in knowing that our Kokani brothers have reached such commendable positions to be recognised in society today. In our earlier years when we started our careers I heard of Kokani's either working in Gulf countries or on ship's to make their livelyhood. The trend followed by their survivors following parents or their brothers. Some of them made wise investments to take care of their old age requirement however most of them earned and spent without making any investments leaving them high and dry at their old age. I am in total agreement with Intikhab and sincerely believe that our Kokani brothers have dreams but cannot fulfill them due to lack of knowledge or market information. This is a good platform to educate / inform our Kokani brothers on the happenings in the local market. Al Hamdu Lillah nice to see our Kokani brothers come on a common platform and work together for the benefit of each other. Good work and good intentions are always appreciated by Allah. May Allah make all the effort put in to get the Kokani community together a big success. Ameen
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