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Jaitapur boils after activist's death

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Jaitapur Protest March

MUMBAI: An activist, who had been protesting against the Jaitapur nuclear power plant, died on Saturday after being hit by a Sumo. The activist, Irfan Qazi (40), was on his way to pick up his kids from school when the vehicle rammed into his scoote [ … ]

Bravo Kokani Girls

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This is a major achievement for Kokani Muslims especially girls. Kokani girls need more support to complete education. Although there is a good scope for them, cultural hurdles allow only a handful of Kokani girls to pursue further education. These articles are a solid proof of how the education of [ … ]

Women's college lights up ‘area of darkness’

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From Darkness to Light


MUMBAI: When you walk down the potholed roads and unpaved streets of Bhiwandi, often called India's Manchester, you're struck by the fact that urban planning has completely bypassed this textile town. And then you enter the sprawling campus of G M Momin Women's College, th [ … ]

Xahid Ismail Shaikhnag presents India's first efilm on 9/11

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Zahid Ismail Shaikhnag the only Indian from (Kumble, Mahad, Raigadh) is presenting eFilm on 9/11 Terror, will be released on 9th November, 2010. Zahid belongs to the Kokan region who stood up and focused on the reality behind the 9/11. Following are the Newspaper Article and Youtube Lin [ … ]

Br. Kamal Mandlekar bags National Award for Social Services

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The Indian Achievers Summit recently awarded Br. Kamal Mandlekar, a noted social worker & true social reformer who is closely associated with various organizations working for the upliftment and development of down-trodden people in the Kokan region.

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