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Great article

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Rightly said Br. Shakur. This is a nice article written by Br. Intikhab Chougle. We hope to see more of him in writing for Kokanis.


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Once again good article. I like the way you told about getting in the wrong que but what I like most is how you meaningfully summed up at the end sayiing one should not stand up in wrong que because some one has suggested doing so. That is really powerful punch line. You really have a knack of writ [ … ]

In-Sha Allah

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Dear Brother Shakur, Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your feedback and would like to mention that it only makes me happy to read your inputs. This truely means that my thoughts and experience that I want to share with my readers are reaching to all. As requested by you, I will I [ … ]

Thank You

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Dear Brother Ashfaque, Thank you for your encouraing words, I will in-sha allah continue to put in the efforts for the benifit of all readers. Appreciate your support & kind words.

Request to Brother Intikhab Chougle to write one more article.

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Dear Intikhab brother You have written a good article. In my opinion, you should write one more article for the benefit of Kokani people about how much people should save for their independant retirement. At the moment, there is no pension for retired people unless you work in Govt department. Ret [ … ]

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