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Are your savings.........

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A very balanced article with a broad view about investments along with individual customized options. It also higlights the do's & don'ts as per a individual's capacity/finances. Keep up the good work going.....


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As rightly mentioned by the author only way things are going to change when you change. One has to have a right and measured approach to reach the desired goal.

Assessing Risk

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Indeed a very good article, clearly explaning the need of assessing risk in the individual life.

Right investments

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A article with a lot of research behind it. It shows the right path to indivduals in terms of of their varied financial backgrounds.

Right Investment Options

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Very good article by brother Initikhab, much appreciated. I think in our community most of people are secular than risk oriented, so most of us invest in gold. As today global economic conditions are uncertain we definately need certain policy which can protect against both deflation and inflati [ … ]

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