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"Aamadni Atthanni -Kharcha Rupayya"

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Allah karey zor-e-qalam aur ziyada. Shakur Tisekar sb ne apne dard-e-dil ko sab ke saamne pesh kar ke community ke empowerment aur upliftment ke liye ek behtareen TOOL pesh kiya hai.Hai koi jo zindagi jeene ke liye jaagna chahta hai ya phir sone ka [ … ]


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Shakur Tisekar


Na Pucho Na Puhcho Haal; Natija Tan Tan Gopal”

The purpose of writing this song here lies in the meaning of this song. This song speaks the most basic and yet very powerful financial planning rule in our life. There is one thing common in Bollywood he [ … ]

Thank You

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Dear Ashfaque Bhai, Thank you for your appreciation and support. In-sha Allah I will try and continue to do my bit of work and let gentleman like yourself and others on this forum decided if it is good or otherwise. Jazzak Allah Khair

Opportunities in Kokan region

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The article is very informative and stands out, The most important point was to rediscover your talent from within and to pursue it on every occasion when life allows you. It also informs about what's happening in the region and how we individually or as a community can make the best of it. We [ … ]

Asak Ghaus Bhai

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Thank you for your kind words and support displayed. In-Sha Allah, someone has to take the initiative and I can see lot of good work being initiated from this forum and few other similar groups. As you rightly re-iterated my point, we have need to bring in the change for our betterment. Jaz [ … ]

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