Mr. Hassan Chougle awarded with Pravasi Samman Bharti Award

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On January 9th 2012, President of India Parthiba Patil awarded "Parvasi Bharti Samman" to various famous NRIs in Jaipur. Amongst them, Mr. Hassan Chougle who hails from Kokan region was awarded the "Parvasi Bharti Award" in the presence of the President of India, Mrs. Parthiba Patil, Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and many other cabinet ministers. The award function was also attended by the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Mr. Kamla Parsad Baseer.

Mr. Hassan Chougle receiving the Pravasi Samman Bharti award from the President of India

Mr. Hassan Chougle is an famous NRI living in Qatar for the past 35 years. He is the Managing Director of Emaad Group of Companies andalso the Vice-President of Doha Grand Hotel Group. Mr. Hassan is a businessman, social worker and educationalist who belongs to the Kokan reion in the state of Maharashtra.

Mr. Hassan Chougle along with the President, Prime Minister & Cabinet Ministers of India

On 9 Jan 2012, he was awarded 'Pravasi Bharti Samman' by President of India on the occasion of Parvasi Bharti Divas. This day is commemorated in the remembrance of the day our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi returned back from Africa. Mr. Hassan Chougle is only Indian working in all three activities, be it cultural, social or business. He is also actively involved in ICC, ICBE, IBPN which work in Qatar for Indian embassy. He is the founder of DPS-Modern Indian School and Ideal Indian School. He is also a member & president of Indian Overseas Congress in Qatar. He is the Chairman of Ideal foundation in Mumbai. He is known as the 'Jewel of Kokan' and also the 'Pride of Kokan'.

He received many awards in Qatar including M Kanjani Charity award and a Human Rights Award by Qatar National Human Rights Award. Click here to read a short introduction about Mr. Hassan Chougle. Also recently a biography on him was published titled "Imprints of Life" in both language Urdu and English. Mr. Hassan Chougle can be reached on his email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Source: Urdu Times
Translated in English by: Mr. Nazir Hurzook (UAE)

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Congratulations to Mr.Hasan Chougle
1Tuesday, 31 January 2012 15:12
Intikhab Chougle
Asak Sir,

It is a sheer pleasure to see you on the dais with 'the President of our Country'.

It is a matter of Honour & Pride for our Kokani Community to see someone amongst us reaching the hieghts that you have achieved. It is surely an inspiration for individuals like me to look at you and learn to strike a balance between proffssional life & social responsibilities.

I have always believed strongly that what your learn from the society has to be returned back to cmmunity and you have clearly demonstarted to us how the same can be done.

Once again, I would like to congratulate you for conquering the hieghts that you have reached and I would personally like to 'Thank You' for being an inspration to the younger generation and craving a path for others to follow on the same.

Jazaak Allah Khair